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. a report that the chinese military is behind an on going plot to hack u.s. companies and government offices. the report released today by u.s. security firm says hundreds of chinese hackers will stealing vast amounts of data from u.s. companies. >> even apple says it was hacked. a small number of laptops were infected with malicious software. it was an attack similar to the one facebook faced last week. the attack used a weakness for web browsers to affect the computers. to say void this, they recommended last month that bs be disabled on browsers. >>> set you up with a fake girlfriend that would even convince mom she's real. the site is called, fake internet girlfriend. imagine that. and for a price, they provide just that. for $250 a month, they will create the fake girlfriend of your dreams. they'll send you facebook messages, tweets, texts. they'll even call your work. so who would sign up for ltses. the bigger question, why? some people want to impress a prospective boss or get their nagging parents off their backs. >> what happens when you want to invite her over for dinner? >> tha
afghanistan by this time next year. that is half the u.s. force there. >> by the end of next year, our war in afghanistan will be over. >> gun laws were also a theme of the night. the president introduced victims of gun violence who joined the first lady and members of congress in the chamber. he says congress owes them a gun bill. >> they deserve a vote. gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> in a republican response, florida senator, marco rubio, cautioned against higher taxes. >> there's no realistic tax increase that could lower our deficit i by $4 trillion. that's why i hope the president will abandon his obsession with raising taxes and instead of work with us to achieve real growth in our economy. >> this is the beginning of a big push by president obama. he will take his message on the road with campaign style appearances in three states, north carolina, georgia, and illinois starting tomorrow. and coming up at 11:00, we'll take a closer look at his plans for gun control, one of the more emotional parts of his speech tonight. >> kristen, tha
his argument to the u.s. court of appeals. and tomorrow night, there is a public meeting in los gatos where the debate over a gun store will continue. tempular sports opened two weeks after the newtown school massacre and some residents say the timing is bad event if not intensional. the owner said he's received a death threat tuesday at his home. >>> and president obama will use the icon my as his main focus in the state of the union address tuesday. >> and gun control will remain a part of the speech, the emphasis will be on job creation and wage growth and that is something that most americans want to hear about. and can you watch the address here. >> a new commander took over in afghanistan and high will be the last commander and that is because most troops are scheduled to withdraw by the end of next year and -- >> meanwhile on mars, the curiosity rover made history this month. the robot drilled into a rock and collected a sample. they were beamed back to earth yesterday. the rock samples may have proof that there was once weather on the planet. >>> and tell, the next big push to
of dorner's mother and carried out boxes of evidence. u.s. marshals and armed officers stood nearby. >> obviously, dorner's where abouts are unknown. we want to take precaution. >> dorner declared war on law enforcement in the manifesto on facebook. the 33-year-old believes he can avoid capture, writing, i will utilize every bit of small arms training, demolition, ordinance, and survival training i've been given. dorner will need those survival skills if he's still in the big bear area. the temperatures are below freezing. >> now the l.a.p.d. here is on tactical alert and that means officers will not ride alone. they are very worried here because they have seen that the bullet that dorner has can rip right through a car and a bullet proof vest. reporting live in los angeles, edward lawrence, elizabeth, back to you. >> is there any talk that this former l.a. police officer that was trained and was trained as a sniper, and he obviously knows what he is doing. he has this manifesto. any talk that this big car is nothing but a diversion to distract police officers while he goes some
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4